Monday, December 31, 2012

Suveniir Jänku-Juss

autor: Maigi Magnus
Jänku-Jussi suveniirkujusid tegin 87 tükki. Nad nägid mu meelest väga lahedad välja, kui neid palju koos oli. Nagu väike koloonia miniufosid.

*Jänku-Juss on multifilmitegelane.


  1. Great fun!
    I assume it will be part of an installation?

    1. Not quite, I´m drawing a cartoon for a web page ( ).It is called Bunny Juss. Bunny Juss is blue bunny and the main character of the cartoon. Some years ago I modelled and casted these small blue creatures as souvenirs. They were sold separately. Right now I don´t have any, so there will be no installations anymore :)